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The social platform for the most creative souls has an outstanding mobile app

Pinterest |
updated on November 8, 2023
Download APK
105.7mb | free


Very easy and intuitive to use
Clean and modern design
Supports all features as the browser-based desktop version
Feels more natural on a mobile phone
Visual search option is extremely useful


Creating pins can be a bit difficult and lacking in features
Price: $
Social media platforms come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing on the market is to remain unique and offer something to users that they can't find anywhere else. That is what makes Pinterest special so let's check out how its Android client manages to convey the platform's uniqueness!

Pinterest is, essentially, a social media platform for ideas that can be represented visually. It will be your go-to place for new recipes, hairstyles, tattoo ideas, or photography. It's a great concept and we can surely say the Android app manages to portray it faithfully. Actually, it feels like Pinterest was made to be explored with this app!

After setting up your interests and following some accounts, you are ready to begin. The main part of the app is your main dashboard where photos and videos will appear for you to check out, based on your preferences. After opening it, you can save it as a pin to your board, comment on it, or look at similar content. We absolutely love the Visual search option. After you pinch-zoom the pin, you'll be able to see visually similar content on Pinterest. It works surprisingly well! For example, you can view a meme and see its source.

You can manually search for content as well. The beauty of Pinterest lies in its simplicity. You have access to a stream of photos and videos that you're interested in! Over time, you'll build many boards where you have saved interesting ideas, concepts, and photos. The app supports creating pins manually with a photo or a URL. However, there may not be enough editing options for your every need!
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